Wow, I haven’t really been on this blog in months. Somehow I still have over 300 followers?

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Have a video of Stephanie and Adam covering Merry Christmas, Kiss my Ass by All Time Low.

Merry Christmas!

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Also, I’m not really sure why Julie was there because she hates one direction.

but in my dream

she LOVED them.


I had a dream last night that I found out who my roommate is going to be for columbia and then me, Chloe, Brianna, RJ, Rachel, and Julie all road tripped to see one direction. I woke up before the concert though, which is sad.



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I should be dating you.

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Plot twist: Alex Gaskarth’s pink hair actually look like the clip in extensions from hot topic.

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but in all honesty, how do you even become friends with a band? All they prolly think is wow this girl is like creepin my shit and all she wants is a picture with me blah blah blah….but really its like hey we just wanna be your friends.. like really.